Our products

Freshness and quality mark the difference in our produce “from box to table”, the same day as they are collected they are sent to their destination. We count on a team of professional transporters who make all distances to the customer short. Our produce is characterized by its homogeneity, we offer the same quality and homogeneity and for that we rely on growers of probity who are constantly in touch with us.

We can divide the produce into two groups:

a) Exotic produce: purple aubergines, long beans, Asian and star cucumber, bitter melon, Chinese cabbage (pak choi), Chinese lettuce (kai choi), bottle courgette (bao long), turnip daikon.

b) Mediterranean produce: tomatoes, peppers, courgettes, white courgettes, aubergines, water melons.

Freshness and quality mark the difference in our produce, “from box to table.”

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Asian products
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