Dear Customers,

Following our policy related to promote healthy products, NATURINDA SLNE has decided to just supply with fruits and vegetables that have the lowest possible pesticide waste.

Our goal this campaign 2017/2018 is to reduce the use of pesticides (LMR) a 33% average that´s reflected in the European Union. Because of that and with the purpose to achieve our goal, our planning is based on a graduated based decrease of pesticides (LMR) in this campaign and the following ones.

With the objective to certainly achieve this goal, NATURINDA S.L has been involved in quality standards and because of that we have GLOBAL GAP certificates with their respective GRASP module which is available for all our customers.

Which that been said, it´s important to say that also we have available a full sample quality system to prevent any healthy issues and also like a sample of our transparency.

Also, we have a traceability track system which guarantees the localisation at any moment. That´s allow us to give attention to our clients with any healthy anomaly that can appear at the commercialization process.

Sincerely, NATURINDA S.L